Network Fatigue

Pablo Larios talks about 'Network Fatigue’ in the age of digital circulation

  • Pablo Bronstein's Baroque Event

    Artist Pablo Bronstein gives a tour of his house in Deal, on the east coast of Kent, England, where he talks about art, architecture, class and taste.

    src: frieze video 9:10
  • Cocteau in Soho

    Marc Camille Chaimowicz muses on Jean Cocteau’s murals in the church of Notre Dame de France, Leicester Square, London, and the prolific artist’s complex relationship with religion, the avant-garde and European high society.

    src: frieze video 6.03
  • No Such Thing as Writer’s Block

    In our latest film, we talk to the American poet and founder of UbuWeb, Kenneth Goldsmith, about ‘conceptual writing’ and poetry in the digital age.

    src: frieze video 6:25
  • Marrakech Biennale 5: Where Are We Now?

    Jennifer Higgie visits the fifth Marrakech Biennale and reflects upon the issues of place, history and mythology raised by the exhibition.

    src: frieze video 8:05
  • Our Glasgow

    In our first half hour film frieze asks a host of artists and curators – including Laura Aldridge, Duncan Campbell, Alasdair Gray and David Harding – to reflect upon the past, present and future of Glasgow’s art scene. The film was premiered at the Glasgow Film Theatre as part of the ...

    src: frieze video 29:35
  • Trailer for Our Glasgow

    frieze visits Glasgow to consider the past, present and future of one of the UK’s most creative cities. The film will be screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre on 12 April as part of the BBC Art Screen Festival 2014.

    src: frieze video 1.07