Trailer for Our Glasgow

frieze visits Glasgow to consider the past, present and future of one of the UK’s most creative cities. The film will be screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre on 12 April as part of the BBC Art Screen Festival 2014.

  • John Akomfrah: On essays, identities and Stuart Hall

    John Akomfrah: On essays, identities and Stuart Hall
    The award-winning filmmaker discusses the origins of the Black Audio Film collective, his recent project exploring the life and times of cultural theorist Stuart Hall and the 'pariah space’ of the film essay on television and in the art gallery.

    src: Vimen 8:20
  • Audience Appreciation

    Audience Appreciation: Co-editor Dan Fox reflects on the subject of audiences; who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators? From the things we make as children, through to our creative lives as adults, this video essay presents a personal perspective on how we think about audiences as we grow ...

    src: Vimeo 7:49
  • At Home with Rose Wylie

    How living in the Kent countryside for four decades has influenced the British artist’s paintings

    src: Vimeo 6:42
  • Beginnings + Ends

    What do we mean by Post-Internet art? How does it relate to other histories of artists engaging with emergent technologies? And what happens next? We ask eight artists, writers and curators to reflect

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    src: Vimeo 1:47
  • Berlin City Report: Three Non-Profit Spaces

    frieze talks to Kunst-Werke, PRAXES and New Theater, three non-profit spaces in Berlin about why they were set up and how they see their futures.

    src: Vimeo 8:33
  • New York City Report: Three Non-Profit Organizations

    From New York: Artists Space, ISSUE Project Room and Triple Canopy discuss their work and place in the broader arts community of the city.

    src: New York City Report: Three Non-Profit Organizations 9:46